“Cutting edge technologies to
provide solutions for Pest Management”

Research at the CBP group aims to increase sustainability of current technologies for pest control and the development of novel methods lowering the impact of pest control on human health and the environment.

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Understanding of the mechanisms
by which B. thuringiensis
toxins work, and by which insects
can develop resistance
to them.

Discovery, engineering and development of novel bacterial and viral agents to be used as bioinsecticides for the control insect pests.

Understanding the mechanism underlying the interaction of Lepidoptera with bacterial
and viral pathogens to develop
novel strategies in
pest control.

Investigating the molecular determinants for resistance evolution and selectivity of pesticides to promote the implementation of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) strategies.

Conoceis a alguien que pudiese estar interesado en una plaza de tecnico para llevar la incipiente unidad de microscopia del @i2sysbio?...
Si es que si que me contacte para darle detalles. Gracias (y RT).

¿Son eficaces los actuales acaricidas contra el parásito de la abeja melífera #Varroa destructor? ¿Se puede predecir si un tratamiento contra este ácaro será efectivo en un colmenar?
Nuestra última publicación intenta encontrar las respuestas.

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