Daniel Pinos. I’m a PhD. student in the Interdisciplinary Research Structure (ERI-Biotecmed) and also in the Genetics Department in Universitat de València. I studied Biology in Universidad de Alicante, developing my end-of-degree work in the Molecular Microbial Ecology group, receiving after a M. Sc. in Compulsory Secondary Education. I have worked as a researcher in the project “Development of a new bioinsecticide based on autochthonous strains of Bacillus thuringiensis” in collaboration with AFRASA Industries. I am currently beneficiary of a FPU grant (Spanish Ministry of Education, PhD fellowship) on the Biomedicine and Biotechnology PhD programme, under the supervision of Prof. Ferré. My study is focused on identifying the biochemical and genetic bases of resistance on Vip3 proteins as well as the interaction of these with its receptors. I am also interested in science popularization and its educational role.


Bioinsecticide resistance
Development of new bioinsecticides