Joaquín Gomis-Cebolla. I’m a PhD student in the Interdisciplinary Research Structure (ERI-Biotecmed) and in the Genetics Department of the University of Valencia. I studied Biology in the University of Valencia (2007-2012). In 2013, I studied a genetics and molecular and cellular biology master in the University of Valencia, developing my final master's work in the research group of Translational Genetics in the "Instituto Investigación Sanitaria la Fe", under the supervision of Francísco Martínez Castellano and Mónica Roselló Piera. I'm currently beneficiary of FPI predoctoral grant (Spanish Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness) on the Biomedicine and Biotechnology programme, under the supervision of Juan Ferré Manzanero. My research is focused on studying the insecticidal spectrum and mode of action of the Vip3Ca protein and the search of new insecticidal genes and their potential use in the pest control.

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Development of new bioinsecticides
Pesticide resistance