Laila Gasmi. I studied Sciences of life and earth, then got my master degree from the University of Sfax in Tunisia (2010). After that, I completed my PhD in the Department of Genetics in the University of Valencia (Spain) (2010-2015). During these years, I was studying the integration of viral genes into the lepidopteran pest S. exigua and their domestication by the insect. Moreover, I had a contract at the University of Valencia (2015) with the funding of a Valoritza program from the OTRI to characterize C-type lectins with high agglutination activity.

Currently I have a contract as researcher at the University of Valencia (Department of Genetics) working on the amelioration of baculovirus infection mediating virus-virus interactions or using plants secondary metabolites. In the near future, I am going to work on the characterization of a viral gene that was integrated into the lepidopteran S. exigua genome and the effect of the expressed protein in the lepidopteran host. This work will be realized in the University of Agriculture and Technology of Tokyo. As for future plans, I am interested in the study of tritrophic interactions in the context of pest control as well as understanding the biological processes that leads to successful infection of pests by the corresponding pathogens.

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Development of new bioinsecticides
Insect-pathogen interaction