Salva Herrero. After studying Biology (with focus on Biochemistry), I performed a PhD in molecular biology and genetics at Universitat de Valencia (Spain). My PhD and part of my postdoctoral research was focused on the mode of action of Bacillus thuringiensis insecticidal toxins and how insects can become resistant to that bacteria and its main virulence factors, the Cry toxins. During my postdoctoral period at Wageningen RU (The Netherlands), I had the opportunity to perform certain research with baculovirus and become fascinated about insect viruses and the interplay with their host. Since then I have focus my research interest in understanding the mechanism underlining the insect interaction with its viral and bacterial pathogens, somehow specializing in insect virology and pathology.

In 2006 I obtained a tenure position, becoming in 2011 associate Professor at University of Valencia where I combine teaching at the Department of Genetics with research in insect-pathogen interaction in the CBP group at the ERI-Biotecmed. Research in my team deals with the insect-pathogen interaction in a broad sense. I’m interested in understanding how insects respond to pathogens, but also how other factors (other pathogens, different host plant, etc.) can influence in the interaction. I’m also interested in the discovery of novel insect viruses that could also influence in insect’s physiology and response to pathogens.

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Bioinsecticide resistance
Development of new bioinsecticides
Insect-pathogen interaction