What makes the Varroa parasite of honeybees resistant to chemical treatments?
18 May, 2016
La Universitat de València, en un proyecto internacional para el control del ácaro de las abejas ‘Varroa destructor
2 May, 2018

Research and Development Award to Prof. Juan Ferré in the XXI Edition of the University-Society Awards.

In the framework of the XXI Edition of the University-Society Awards, this year, the Social Council of the University of Valencia wanted to acknowledge the long-lasting and fruitful collaboration between Prof. Juan Ferré and Bayer CropScience NV by granting him the “Research and Development Award”. This award, which is given once a year to a researcher of the University of Valencia, is aimed at recognizing actions and collaboration projects in R+D between groups or teams from the University of Valencia and companies, resulting in the establishment of an exemplary cooperation relationship. In this case, the cooperation started in 2000 and is maintained to date. The collaboration is exemplary in that it has generated many research jobs, publications and international patents, and has contributed to the advancement of science in the field of the mode of action of insecticidal proteins from Bacillus thuringiensis and the biochemical and genetic bases of resistance in insect pests.